Welcome to Dafydd!

We are so excited to welcome one of the Stepney Interns to the St George’s team!

“Greetings! or as we say in Wales, Shwmae! I am delighted to say I will be an Intern at St George and All Saints this year as part of the Church of England's Ministry Experience Scheme. Pronunciation of my name - Dafydd - takes a bit of research and practice and since there will be no prizes, just call me Daf. Although I was born and raised in Cardiff, in my accent you may detect traces of Atlanta (U.S.A), Liverpool, Amsterdam, Cape Town, Vancouver and Sydney.

I am most passionate about engaging people in conversations about the Lord Jesus Christ and exploring how human experience and faith can be expressed through art, sport, and creativity. I would only think about supporting Arsenal F.C under extremely compromised circumstances.

After visiting St Georges and All Saints last Sunday, I was greatly encouraged by how warmly I was welcomed by the congregation and I am truly excited by this opportunity to worship and walk alongside you this year as we serve this community in Islington.”

Dafydd starts on 5 September and will be working with us on Tues, Wed pm, Thur and Sundays.

Alexandra Lilley