God is Green Sermon Series

Kicking off the autumn term, we are embarking on a short sermon series, God is Green. In these four weeks we will be looking at themes and issues around creation, sustainability and environmental justice. Through this series we will be considering important questions which relate to some of the pressing issues of our time. 

God made everything and called it good. But is this planet just our temporary, disposable home or does God include creation when he promises to 'make all things new’?  

How do we encounter God in Creation? Who is God revealed to be as Creator and through creation itself? 

The creation story is a good place to start but while that story began in a garden, here we are living in Tufnell Park. What does creation mean for the daily lives of people who call themselves Christians? Can we think of recycling and eating sustainably-sourced food as acts of discipleship?  

As the Extinction Rebellion activists call for dramatic and systemic change in how the world is treated, what is the role of the Church and Christians in our locality and beyond? What are the prophetic acts of witness that the church is to inhabit and how can we best call for change and the undoing of unjust structures? In what ways are we supposed to subvert structures of power? 


Sunday 6th October  - Sunday 25 October

On Sunday 20th we will be welcoming Peter Harris, the founder of A Rocha, who will be Preaching for us.

Alexandra Lilley