Stillness on Sundays

We all appreciate different aspects of church life at different times in our lives. The chatter of catching up with one another and the freedom of children running around enjoying being in church can be utterly joyous. (And we LOVE children to be totally free here!)

Sometimes, though, we may want a quiet space to be still and listen to the quiet whisper of God in our lives. We want to offer both experiences at St George’s and so as we grow at the 11am service, we have started a quieter service at 9.30am, where we can appreciate stillness, silence and a chance to meditate on Scripture, as well as break bread together. There is also an opportunity to receive prayer for healing.

So if you are having a hectic week, join us in the prayer chapel (to the left as you go through the glass doors) on Sunday at 9.30am for a resting place, and an opportunity to be revived and restored.

Alexandra Lilley